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Electronic Navigation Equipment

Our relationship with Brookes and Gatehouse began in 1987, when B&G asked us to design a low-cost navigation system aimed at the middle market. Research showed that yacht owners wanted a system that would display speed and depth simultaneously.

We also wanted to improve the ergonomics of such instruments so rather than multi-purpose buttons, we developed the rotating bezel that shows all the functions available at a quick glance and allows them to be easily dialled up, it enables sailors to move easily from one function to another, without having to sequence through a number of steps. Our design for The Focus Speedometer, won the Silk Cut Navigation Design Award and the DBA Product Design Effectiveness Award.

The impossible becomes achievable when you have a close relationship with a client. In just 20 weeks, we were able to develop the Network range of sail and powerboat modular navigation system units for Brookes and Gatehouse. Sales rocketed and production rates had to be doubled after three months. Yachting World hailed it as “well designed and built, extremely well thought out, very pleasing to the eye and fully weather proofed”.

We have now designed several instrument ranges for Brookes and Gatehouse, as well as autopilots, wind instruments and GPS receivers.

“Before our eight-year association with Goodwin we simply followed our competitor's products, but now we have a range of new, high-quality products that are radically different from the competition yet in tune with contemporary design.” Martin Wilson (Di`al Managing Director, Brookes and Gatehouse).

For all the projects undertaken, we oversaw injection moulding component detailing and manufacture, PCB design and manufacture and software development.