Packaging + Point of Sale

Gift Box P.O.S.

Designed back in 1998, the Frontier moulded gift box was an instant success. Its co-ordinated gift box, clamshell hang sell and counter-top display won a Marketing Design Gold Award and led to a significant increase in sales. The highly attractive yet functional pen case has proved very popular indeed when market research was recently undertaken, focus groups still found the original moulded gift box the most desirable at its price point.

The brief from Parker was to design a writing instrument presentation and storage case that was also used as a point of sale display case, it had to be capable of holding either one or two instruments, their refills and an instruction leaflet. The cases were to be loaded with product on an automatic packing line, quantities would be about 16 million per year and, as effectively a give away item, they should not cost more than 4p each to manufacture. The result was a patented, award winning design.

The injection moulding tools were made in Italy and the mouldings are produced in Holland. During the design phase of the project, we developed numerous test models through rapid prototyping, to check fit and function for the in house drop and transit tests required by Parker, throughout the development process, we worked closely with Parker's in-house team and the Dutch moulders, having regular meetings and supplying 2D and 3D solid modelling information so the tooling and components could be made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Wanting to build on Frontier's success, Parker came back to Goodwin to develop the structural packaging for their new range of Vector pens. Taking a new approach to merchandising, the combination vacuum forming and injection moulding, hang sell pack frames the graphics within the box which is then easy to gift wrap, the innovative packaging adds value and enhances the gift potential of the new range.

After the success of an award-winning pen case for their Frontier range, Goodwin were again brought in to look at Parker's luxury market gift boxes. Our creative input helped reposition the brand as the world leader in fine writing instruments and enhance its gift potential. The design is a modern interpretation of a classic, wrapped gift box, but in pressed metal giving the case a satisfying weight and quality feel. With its sophisticated styling, the packaging makes a confident statement which has been very favourably received by consumers and retailers alike.

Goodwin worked closely with Parker's engineering and development team to select a suitable manufacturer in China and then, by supplying 2D and 3D CAD information and a series of visits to the factory, helped manage the concept through to final production