Walking Aid

A few years ago years ago, we decided to To take an idea of our own into production.

Realizing there was a need for improved walking aids of all types, we started developing a flexible, safe and comfortable alternative to the humble walking stick ferrule. And so Flexyfoot was born.

Flexyfoot aims to transform the walking aid sector by offering real solutions to the real problems faced by those who need, or prefer, to have, more stability. Flexyfoot assistive products not only look good and work well, but also have proven medical and therapeutic benefits.

The Flexyfoot ferrule is the result of 3 years intensive research, design and development and has been tested to the latest ISO standard for endurance and slip resistance.

Flexyfoot provides improved grip and stability, particularly on slippery and uneven surfaces. The flexible bellows mean your stick will work at any angle while the foot is always in full contact with the floor.

The patented design works like a suspension system. The flexible bellows absorb shock each time the stick touches the ground so every step is completely cushioned. Also the tread of the ferrule can independently rotate through 360°, so full ground contact is still maintained when twisting and turning.