Wash Room Cubicle Systems

Our long relationship with Thrislington, spanning over 10 product ranges, proves that good design can invigorate manufacturing industry. Thrislington began as a three-man operation constructing low-cost toilet cubicles. Today, it is the UK market leader, with a staff of over 50 and a turnover of more than £4 million, selling high-quality products across the UK, US, Australia and the Far East. Design has been at the heart of this amazing transformation. When we first started working with them, Thrislington had only minimal in house production facilities, buying in and cutting to size off the shelf aluminium extrusions and laminated panels. We introduced them to companies who could, at low cost, manufacture custom extrusions, blow mouldings, machined metal components and injection mouldings.

During our early market research, it became clear that there was a major market for more up market cubicle systems and that this was largely driven by architects and specifiers who wanted quality products and clear, detailed technical information , so as well as designing their new product ranges, we put them in touch with a very dynamic graphic design consultancy, The Partners, who used our assembly and installation information in an award winning series of brochures and technical leaflets.

Goodwin's cubicle concepts are not only visually pleasing. They also simplify on-site assembly and installation, using a revolutionary new framing system that breaks with the old overlapping-door-and-panel tradition, they have more on site adjustment to make installation easier and cheaper. . Most importantly, our designs have opened up new markets for Thrislington, where high-margin products are perceived as a requirement.

In 1986, the Goodwin-designed Lotus and Combat ranges won a British design Council Award. Thrislington were also outright winners of the 1994 Minerva Design Management Award for their commitment to quality in graphic, environmental and industrial design.

"Our collaboration with Goodwin is really a business partnership, in that they are involved in planning long-term objectives as well as seeing through their innovative designs." Patrick Wilson (Managing Director, Thrislington Sales)