Cable Management System

Effective product management is just as important as innovative design when working with large organisations. So when London Underground asked us to design a cable-management system for its deep tube stations, we first opened a dialogue between the different departments involved, not only to get all the parties to agree the specification, but also to ensure that the organisation as a whole felt it 'owned' the concept from the outset.

The question facing Goodwin was how to install modern technology in old and sometimes listed buildings with no space to conceal services such as lighting, PA, surveillance, power and communications - which must all be cable-segregated. Service engineering time is restricted to 4 hours per night, so it was vital that installation and maintenance could be done quickly and easily.

elegant solutions of great visual simplicity

Goodwin's solution keeps the impact on the building fabric to a minimum by concealing cables and hardware in 'floating' elements that complement a variety of architectural styles.

“The Goodwin approach to practical and lateral thinking has produced designs for us that not only solve complex problems in the most logical way, but also provide elegant solutions of great visual simplicity.” Christopher Nell (Design Manager - Environments, London Transport)