Disposable Baby Bottle

Infant health problems resulting from the incorrect cleaning of feeding bottles prompted Steribottle to pioneer the disposable baby bottle.

Goodwin redesigned the bottle to make it stackable, so that 12 could be packed into a space previously occupied by four and reduced the material content of the components. This not only lowers the retail cost, but also makes it easier for parents to travel with spare sterile bottles.

As well as stackability we also designed a simple self locking, non leak seal to keep the cap on the bottle even when dropped, all using the minimum of material in the bottle and cap.

We provided Steribottle with a series of photo realistic renderings to show a range of bottle designs and then using machined and rapid prototype components, developed a working prototype of the design.

We liaised with and supplied CAD information to potential toolmakers and manufacturers in the UK, Malaysia and the USA before Steribotle finally selected a manufacturer in the USA.

After an investment of £3M in design and tooling, the Mark 3 is in production in a purpose built facility in the US and is distributed worldwide.