A/C Servicing Injector

We designed and developed the threaded injector gun and bellows capsule packaging system as part of the Primalec range of fault finding and servicing equipment.

The pre-filled capsules have a non-return valve, so there is no mess when it’s being connected and once it is empty, the capsule remains collapsed, for compact, environmentally friendly disposal.

The threaded nozzle/valve can be fitted to a variety of connectors and hoses to suit many applications and the capsules can be sold containing different chemicals for lubrication, A/C booster, UV leak detector etc.

As part of the development program, we built working prototypes and organised trial quantities of blow moulded components in materials suitable for containing the chemicals to be dispensed.

We introduced Primalec to companies specialising in small batch quantity, low cost injection and blow mouldings and supplied all the production drawings and CAD files.

Tooling and components manufactured in UK and South Africa.